HelloI’m Ruth, the face behind Gift Organic. I am a mother of two girls, a coffee-lover and a journal-collector with a passion for purposeful living. I run Gift Organic with the occasional help from my husband, my mum and my brother, but mostly, it’s just me, working away long after the girls have gone to bed. My organic journey began while I was battling with adult acne. I tried so many different products on my skin to combat the problem before I finally began to take notice of the chemicals I was using on a daily basis. By the time I discovered organic skin products, my skin had become dry and damaged and my acne had only gotten worse.

Thankfully, a range of organic skin products, which were actually gifted to me, helped to bring hydration and healing back to my skin. This is how my idea for Gift Organic came about. With a focus on organic and natural products, Gift Organic allows you to be mindful about what you are gifting, promote health and wellness and support Australian brands who value the wellbeing of their customers. It is my intention for each gift box to bring joy and encouragement to both the gifter and the giftee.

Happy gift-giving!

Ruth xo


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